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The most powerful
veterinary copilot in the world.

CoVet’s easy Ai will write your records and do your admin work so you can focus on the things that matter most. 

CoVet tablet screen
CoVet smartphone screen
What is CoVet?

Your Ai assistant for a record-free existence.

Setting a new standard in veterinary consultation documentation. CoVet Veterinary AI Scribe is so much more than a SOAP automator.

No credit card required.


See how CoVet makes life easier.

✓  Automate Records & More

✓  Personalization

✓  Browser Accessible

✓  Apple & Android

✓  Additional Notes

✓  Intelligent Auto-Naming

✓  Teams & Support

✓  Review Transcriptions

✓  Summarize Records

✓  Easy Export

✓  Custom Templates

✓  Chat with CoVet

✓  Multi-Language

✓  Share Records

✓  Work Offline

✓  Timer

Easy Ai for happier vets & healthier pets.

See how CoVet makes life easier.

✓  Consultation Transcription

✓  Ai Record Drafting

✓  Timer

✓  PDF & Written Notes Ingest

✓  Multi Device

✓  Intelligent Chat

✓  Custom Templates

✓  Editable Records

✓  Audio Playback

✓  Teams

✓  Email Records

✓  Additional Notes

✓  Automate Vet Records & More

✓  Easy Vet Dictation & Transcription

✓  Custom Templates

✓  Personalization


Your time is precious. Start saving today by downloading our FREE Veterinary AI Scribe app.


Summarize Patient Records  ✓

Easy Export  ✓

Review Recordings  ✓

Chat with CoVet  ✓

Teams & Support   ✓

Far better record keeping with way less effort.


✓  Multi-Language

✓  Intelligent Auto-Naming

✓  Share Records

✓  Additional SOAP Notes

✓  Timer

✓  Apple & Android

✓  Browser Accessible

✓  Work Offline


See how CoVet makes life easier for veterinarians and veterinary professionals.

Relax. Start saving time today.

No credit card required. Just download the CoVet app and you’re good to go.

Start saving
time today.


What CoVet users are saying

Best of the best.

Cody Creelman

– FenVet

I was skeptical to try AI at first but immediately found myself saving time and writing more complete notes from the moment I started trialing CoVet. My documentation is more thorough in a fraction of the time and I immediately signed up as a long term user. CoVet has changed my life and given me more time with my small children- an absolutely priceless benefit.

Severin Knudsen
– Enterprise Animal Hospital

I've worked with a number of companies over the years who promise a lot in terms of efficiency and support, but CoVet is one that actually delivers! My experience with their team has been exceptional. Not only do they listen to my concerns, but they provide thoughtful solutions and make me feel like my feedback is truly valued.

Dr. Claire Beauchamp

– Yonge Sheppard Animal Hospital

Mind blown — this is amazing.

Dr. Caitlin Forbes

– Animal Hospital of Milton

Your app has been a game changer for my workflow! Haven’t gone home with incomplete records since I started using CoVet!

Dr. Debbie Boyd

– Grey Bruce Pet Hospital

CoVet has been a life saver for me! It’s helped me multitask and be way more efficient with my medical appointments, while still being thorough. I don’t think I could get through a normal day without it.

Dr. Carley Stewardson

– Forest Veterinary Clinic

One of the things I have come to appreciate most about CoVet is how easy it is to customize how the system structures your medical records. I have not been able to find this level of personalization anywhere else. The rate at which they are adding new features to the platform is also impressive.

Dr. Daniel McClair

– Locum

I have to say that using CoVet has probably been one of the top 10 exciting things in my career, thank you guys!

I’m definitely “techy” and I want to be able to use this program to max capacity, not only for myself and my medical records but also in educating my clients. I’ve always been happy with my notes, now they are even better! Truly practice altering!”

Dr. Renee Bourque

– Locum  |  Smart.Vet telemedicine service

Covet has allowed me to focus on client communication by eliminating the record keeping portion for my exams. I have long had trouble keeping up with records throughout the day. I am saving hours every week and feel I have more accurate medical records at the end of the day by using the app.

Dr. Jamie McGill Worsley

– Forest Veterinary Clinic

I would highly recommend that any veterinarian who does not wake up in the morning, excited for a day filled with writing medical records, to give CoVet a try. I have used a number of other medical record taking methods, from having ChatGPT write out notes based on a transcript to ScribeNote and PawsitiveNotes platforms, and none compare to the functionality of CoVet.

Dr. Daniel McClair

– Locum

Your software has completely changed our workflow. It’s made it super efficient and actually getting home on time to spend with family. My medical records are complete and actually well done according to my colleagues. This has never happened in the 25 years I’ve been doing this, by the way!

Dr. John Brajkovich

– Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital

CoVet has revolutionized my medical record keeping. I am able to document all the details of a pets visit from the history, to diagnostics, and discussions with owners, into a concise and complete record. It frees up time and mental space for me to move more efficiently through my appointments. I would highly recommend it!

Dr. Sarah Barnes

It never gets old watching CoVet summarize 100 pages of medical history you just got from a new patient in less than 5 minutes. Combine this with a competitive price point and you find yourself with a highly valuable piece of technology to help leverage your time. Once someone uses CoVet for the first time, they too will feel like they are living in the future.

Dr. Daniel McClair

– Locum

I must say, your app is absolutely a game changer for me.

The accuracy, the organization of the final product, and ease of use is amazing.

Dr. John Brajkovich

– Caledon Mountain Veterinary Hospital

I had tears in my eyes after trying CoVet because my day just got a million times easier. You have eliminated the absolute worst part of being a vet and I feel like a kid who’s figured out the cheat code to their fav video game.

Dr. Melissa Gillard

– Baywood South Animal Hospital

Let me say how glad I am to have started using CoVet… my mind is BLOWN! Talk about revolutionizing veterinary medicine in a way that supports such a major pain point. This may be one the single best mental health improvements for vets out there. No joke!

Dr. Ellie Baird

This has truly been a game-changer for my practice and I couldn't imagine ever going back to writing my own records! 

Jenn Morrow

– Minden Animal Hospital

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